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"What set the course for my path was growing up watching my dad as the designer of his own interior design firm."

Dedicated, passionate, devoted - the second-generation designer pulls inspiration from a world of lifelong creativity. With a painter as a mother and a musician and interior designer as a father, Hunter was introduced to a creative lifestyle from an early age. Her character as a designer was shaped by her father’s approach to making decisions because of the client, their purpose, and their reasoning behind a project. Alongside her father’s influences, her mother’s down-to-earth natural style can be found mirrored in Hunter’s craft.



Hunter grew up watching her dad as the designer of his own interior design firm and dedicated herself to graduate high school a year early to join her own spot in the interior design world. She was admitted to Virginia Commonwealth University in the same program where her mother and father met. Further education provided Hunter with training that led to her specialty of interior architecture and construction management.

After completing her degree, Hunter built her expertise in interior architecture at a design firm in Aspen, Colorado before moving to Whitefish, Montana to start her business. With an emphasis on providing high professional standards, Hunter became a member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) and the Green Building Council.





Managing Director

Over 25 years of client management experience has equipped Julie to understand the dynamics of a successful client-firm relationship, which includes meeting timelines and coming in or under budget. Julie helps lead the development and coordination of projects as well as manage the business, operations and processes of Hunter & Company.  When Julie isn’t enjoying the outdoors with her family, she enjoys working closely with clients and creatives and harnessing her skills in project management. Helping make clients’ dreams become a reality is just one of many highlights of her career with Hunter & Company.  

Fun Fact: Julie has always wanted to be a trapeze artist. 



Interior Designer

Superb design and luxury are key for Kay. After college, Kay moved to Los Angeles where she worked in management for the travel industry. Traveling the world has influenced Kay’s eye in design and perfected her talent of expressing a client’s lifestyle in their homes. A love of architecture and design directed Kay to enroll in interior design school and open a boutique interior design firm before finding her place at Hunter & Co. For Kay, building a space unique to each client’s home is Kay’s ultimate source of inspiration. 

Fun Fact: Kay won the annual Disco Queen Competition at the Whitefish Carnival. 



Creative Influencer

With less than a year of experience, Oakley has already established great taste and can be found in the office scouting the finest fabrics. When she isn’t boosting company productivity, you can find Oakley enjoying long walks around Whitefish Lake or enjoying an afternoon nap.



Hunter’s work fills the gap between interiors and architecture, creative and technical, getting to know the client and their story, and bringing it all to life.

Hunter finds inspiration in the environment around her: from Whitefish to Glacier National Park to a love of eclectic and antique pieces, Hunter’s style is a mixture of combining the old with the new.


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